Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Letters


Dear self,
This week has show you perspective. Everyone in life has so many hours in the day and what they choose to do with those hours shows you what their priority is. While you cannot change people's priorities, understanding them helps you put your priorities into focus. 
Dear my lovely husband,
Happy Valentines day! I cannot believe this will be the 12 valentines day we spend that right? Wow I am starting to feel old as I type that. I am looking forward to having dinner with you tonight and diving into season two of House of Cards! 
Dear Nathan James,
I never thought I would love someone and miss someone I hardly know so much. Its surreal to me that you are so little and I get to be a witness to your whole life. I know that you are going to do great things, and even though I am far away, I cannot wait to see you grow into the person you will become.
You are too far away! With all this snow and cold weather I am desperately craving some yummy pieces from the new spring line and cannot wait to play dress up!

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