Wednesday, December 7, 2011

775 Gastropub

I love food...I mean I really LOVE food. There is nothing like finding a fun new place to try and anticipation of a great meal. Food can bring people together, comfort, and entertain us.

I was lucky enough to have a good friend recommend I try the 775 Gastropub. The place a great combination of an intimate little date night place with a pub feel. The menu had the same food upgraded.

We started with a beer fondue which was surprisingly fun! Fondue to me can be a little boring but this wasn't too overpowering and delicate enough to eat with the apples they brought out to serve with it. We asked for more bread so we could finish every last bit of the fondue....just a tip.

The menu ranged from standard bar food such as burgers and fish and chips (which was served with the best mayo free bacon coleslaw i have ever had) to nicer dishes such as scallops or spanakopita. The menu providers many options for different people and tastes; plus they have weekly chef's specials which keeps everything new and fresh.

Overall I really liked it. Couldn't be happier that Reno has another local place to support and find a good meal. Going to be honest, the location is a little odd, but you don't feel it once inside. Check out their website at .   

The also do a beer dinner once a month where they pair beer to different course and teach you about it all as you go along. Something for next time maybe....