Thursday, December 5, 2013

Good Eats in Reno

There is something transcendent about a good meal. To me, food can bring people together in a powerful way; it’s a shared experience unmatched in my mind. I have loved eating and cooking as a pastime for years now. I went to college in Reno and moved shortly after graduation to Southern California where my taste buds rejoiced in all the amazing diversity of cuisine. Moving back to Reno about two years ago, I was delighted how much the food scene here had evolved. Little restaurants and bars popped up that rivaled those I had experienced living in California. I love food and so glad that my home town is not transforming from only casinos and slots to a local foody and art scene.
This transformation was even recognized by the New York times.
Way to go Reno and all the local chefs out there that helped transform this city.

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