Friday, January 27, 2012

Not your Mom's Meatloaf

I am married to a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I like to play with traditional dishes and make them a little more fun and dressed up. Here is my spin on meatloaf. As I recommend with all my recipes, have fun and alter to your specific tastes.

I like big chunks of bread in my meatloaf while others may not. I cut 2 slices of bread (whatever you have on hand, I have used everything from white bread to whole wheat to country potato) into cubes. Again, I like bigger squares and I do a rough cut as I feel it makes it a little more rustic feeling.

Add your bread into a big mixing bowl. Add 1 large egg. Add 2-4 minced garlic gloves (WE LOVE GARLIC). Add a few dashes of salt and pepper to taste. Then add 2 heaping tablespoons of parsley.

Then add a few dashes of Worchestire Sauce and half an onion to the bowl.

Now the magic begins! Add your ground beef. I prefer to use lean meat as it can get a big greasing when baking. For this recipe I used just under a pound and a half. I love leftovers and meatloaf makes great sandwiches for lunch the next day. 

Time to get dirty! I love this part because you get to get hands on; nothing works as good as what God gave us...our hands. Mix together until all the ingredients are fully combined. Then you make individual loafs, 1 serving sizes per person. I make mine a little big bigger than my palm into a nice rectangle shape. The great part about this is you can make them any size you want depending on who is coming to dinner. 

Place each loaf on a little greased baking pan. I top my loaves with a nice squeeze of ketchup.

Place in a heated 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes until done. 

I served this dish with an easy zucchini dish. Take your zucchini, slice length-wise in half. Place on cooking sheet. Drizzle lightly with olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Then add a handful of fresh parmesan cheese. Bake in 400 degree oven along with your meatloaf for about 15-20 minutes until soft and lightly browned. 

Once everything is cooked serve and enjoy~ I served with garlic mash potatoes to complete the meat and potato meal. Light some candles, set the table, and have a great date night with your man.

I hope you enjoy this dressed up meatloaf. Let me know your thoughts and what you tried to change or personalize it. Bon Appetite! 


  1. I'm so happy you posted this recipe, I've been dying for months since I've seen your pictures! Daniel is going to love this, our meat and potato husbands married well!

  2. That's too bad you guys haven't gotten a good snow yet. That's all it seems to do here!!

    So - when you get time you should post the recipe for that zucchini dish that you posted all the instagram pics of earlier today. It looked pretty tasty!